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The Best RGB Fans for Your PC of 2023

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Performance and efficiency are king and queen when it comes to PC fans and should always be the main consideration. But it doesn’t hurt to consider style, either. Naturally, RGB fans shouldn’t sacrifice performance for looks, since those flashy colors don’t help much if your PC is running too hot. We’ve gathered the best RGB case fans that not only add some serious flare to your rig, but perform as well as they look.


It’s not every day you find a great set of RGB fans that have so few weaknesses. The Corsair LL120 is firing on all cylinders, combining great performance with style.

Speaking of its aesthetics, the Corsair LL120 utilizes ARGB, allowing you to change the colors of all 16 LEDs individually. However, it goes a step further by also including Corsair’s Lighting Node Pro. Together with its straightforward iCUE software, you’ll be able to create dynamic RGB lighting with just a few clicks without taking up valuable headers on your motherboard.

Of course, the Corsair LL120 isn’t all about style. Even with a fan at the back and one at the front, the LL120 doesn’t break a sweat moving air through your case, especially when you rev them up to 2200 RPM. More importantly, you’ll barely hear them operating your rig at normal loads.

corsair ll120 rgb fans in black

Corsair LL120 RGB

Best Overall

$70 $90 Save

Corsair knocked it out of the park with the LL120 RGB Fans. Great airflow performance, easy-to-use software, and dynamic colors and effects wrapped into a 120mm fan.


  • 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs
  • Has good, easy-to-use software
  • High airflow, low noise
  • Lighting Node Pro included

  • Somewhat loud at max fan speed

antec 120mm rgb case fans in desktop pc

When you’re on a tight budget, you tend to cut corners, but you really can’t afford to do that with case fans. Luckily, the Antec Prizm 120mm ARGB Case Fans are not only reasonably priced, but they look fantastic, and you can rest easy knowing your PC is nice and cool.

For starters, the Antec Prizm 120mm ARGB Case Fans include 18 addressable LEDs per fan case, split between two rings. You can access millions of colors, but the best part is the ability to synchronize the RGB lighting with top motherboard brands like ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte.

Colors aren’t the only aspect you can adjust. The Antec Prizm 120mm ARGB Case Fans also come packaged with a fan controller, which you can use to adjust the fan speed between 500 and 2000 RPM. Given the added fan bearings, they’re surprisingly fast, quiet, and durable.

antec 120mm rgb fan in black

Antec Prizm 120mm ARGB Case Fans

Best Budget

$60 $80 Save

Reliable and affordable, the Antec Prizm 120mm ARGB Case Fans are the ideal solution for a tight budget. You get the benefit of good airflow and software compatibility without sacrificing style.


  • Fast, quiet, and durable
  • Includes five ARGB case fans and a controller
  • Compatible with a variety of RGB software
  • Stellar price per fan

asus tuf gaming tf120 rgb case fans in black

The ASUS TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB Fan is a great choice for those who favor design but still need a high-performance case fan in key locations. You even get the benefit of a double-layer LED array that creates richer RGB colors.

With a maximum speed of 1900 RPM, the ASUS TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB Fan is quite fast, and it has a high airflow rating. Given its performance, the TF120 can not only be used to pass cool air through your rig but is also powerful enough to help cool AIO radiators. It helps you avoid having to mix different fan types!

The one aspect that matches the performance of the ASUS TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB Fan is its durability. ASUS added advanced fluid dynamic bearings to improve its longevity, as well as anti-vibration pads to further dampen the sound.

asus tuf gaming tf120 argb case fan

ASUS TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB Fan

Best Design

$43 $60 Save

If longevity is your main concern, the ASUS TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB Fans are specially designed for durability and performance. It also includes an ARGB hub, giving you ample control and Aura Sync support.


  • Double-layer LED array for richer colors
  • Aura Sync support
  • Fast, efficient, and quiet
  • Includes an ARGB hub

  • 3-pack bundle is better priced

cooler master masterfan mf120r pc fans in a black case
Cooler Master

If your PC is liquid-cooled, you can’t just use any old case fan to cool the radiator, even if it’s fast. Speed is not necessarily the problem—it’s static pressure. To ensure your AIO is kept cool, the Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R is a fantastic companion.

While the Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R works just fine as a case fan, they’re most at home attached to a radiator. Its combination of higher static pressure and airflow is exactly what you need to push or pull any heat that’s diffused from the radiator. And if you decide you want one for the case, you can still push the fans to 2000 RPM.

Another handy feature of the Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R is that it plays well with a wide variety of RGB software, like ASUS Aura, ASRock RGB, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and MSI RGB.

cooler master masterfan mf120r pc fans in black

Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB

Best Radiator Fan

The Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB Fan is about as simple as you can get in terms of installation. That makes it all the more useful when you’re ready to drop the stock cooler for your radiators for something more substantial.


  • Compatible with a variety of RGB software
  • Easy to install
  • Specially designed for cooling radiators
  • Sound-absorbing rubber pads

  • RGB is too translucent
  • A tad overpriced

thermaltake pure 12 rgb fans inside a case with water cooling

If you’re pushing your rig to its limits, you’ll quickly notice how loud your fans can get. It’s bearable, but if you’re someone who can’t stand the whirring, the Thermaltake Pure 12 ARGB Fan is right up your alley.

To understand just how quiet the Thermaltake Pure 12 ARGB Fan is, it wields a maximum RPM of 1500 and a 56.45 CFM airflow rating. All things considered, that’s quite respectable, but when you start putting your PC through its paces, you’ll notice it never rises above a whisper.

What’s equally impressive is just the number of options the Thermaltake Pure 12 ARGB Fan offers. You can opt for 140mm or 200mm if you need the extra airflow performance for, say, a radiator, while still maintaining its quiet operation.

thermaltake pure 12 rgb fan with black finish

Thermaltake Pure 12 ARGB

Most Quiet

$51 $60 Save

There’s nothing sweeter to the ears than a reliable PC fan that’s incredibly quiet. Say goodbye to the noise with the Thermaltake Pure 12 ARGB Fan, which also features ARGB and a controller to make adjustments on the fly.


  • Many options available, such as bundles and fan sizes
  • Whisper quiet
  • Includes an ARGB controller
  • Compatible with a variety of RGB software

  • Could’ve used a few more addressable LEDs


Q: Can You Run RGB Fans Without RGB Turned On?

Normally, for RGB to work you need to plug in the RGB header, which is separate to the power connector. You can safely leave the RGB header disconnected and the fans will go on spinning, so long as they’re drawing power.

Q: Can I Program My RGB Fans to React to What’s Happening in My Game?

Absolutely! The majority of well-known brands have RGB synchronization built right into the software. For example, there is Logitech’s Lightsync, Corsair’s iCUE, and Razer’s Synapse software or 3rd party options like Aurora. You can sync RGB to music, too.

Q: Is ARGB or RGB Better?

ARGB offers no performance benefits other than more color customization. When you pick a color for traditional RGB fans, it affects every LED. Sure, you can still implement various effects like strobing and breathing. However, ARGB allows you to change the colors of every individual LED to whatever you want.

Q: What does RGB stand for?

RGB stands for “Red, green, blue.” In the context of computers, and tech in general, it’s the primary colors used to create a multitude of colors.

Q: Why aren’t my RGB fans lighting up?

If your fans are working, but the RGB isn’t, there are a handful of steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Double-check that the RGB cable is plugged in, either to your motherboard or to a controller. The cable tends to be separate from the fan’s power cable.
  • Are you using the correct header? You may have the RGB cable connected, but it’s possible you’re using the wrong header. Check your motherboard’s manual.
  • Either the fan and or header are damaged. You can troubleshoot that by swapping out the RGB fan with another fan that you know for certain works. If the fan works, you have a faulty fan; if it doesn’t work, then you have a faulty header.
  • If you’re using a fan controller, try connecting the RGB fan directly to the motherboard and note if it works. In the event it does, then you may have a faulty fan controller.

Q: Can you make white light RGB fans?

Yes, but it isn’t true white and RGB fans vary in just how “white” they look. You can do this by checking for white light presets in your RGB software or making adjustments yourself.

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