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How to Use Microsoft Edge Copilot to Find Better Holiday Shopping Deals

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Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered personal assistant that can help you with your holiday shopping; finding gift ideas, comparing products and deals, and more besides.
  • Copilot can compare products and create tables to help you find the best deals and get the most value for your money.
  • Copilot can also summarize reviews and opinions from real customers, making it easier to make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, it can assist with writing personalized holiday messages, gift-wrapping ideas, and holiday recipes.

The wonders of the holiday season are upon us, and it’s time to start shopping. But this year, you have a game-changing assistant at your side to help you bag the best holiday shopping deals… Microsoft Copilot.

Through the power of advanced AI, Copilot can help you go through every aspect of your holiday shopping. From figuring out what to buy to finding the best places to buy them, Copilot can help you save both time and money.

Microsoft Edge has taken the concept of a browser-integrated chatbot and elevated it to the rank of a personal assistant. Imagine everything you could ask a real-life personal assistant (except going shopping for you), and Copilot can do it.

For example, holiday shopping starts with first knowing the current gift trends. Thankfully, there is plenty of coverage for the best Christmas gift ideas, and Copilot can compile those articles for you quickly and concisely with the proper prompts.

Copilot Best Gift Ideas for Grandparents Suggestions

How to Use Copilot to Find the Best Holiday Deals

Copilot Gaming Mice Comparison and Description

Once you’ve determined what you want to shop for, the second step is finding the best deals for those products. One of Copilot’s key features is the ability to compare products, which is why shopping in the Edge sidebar with Copilot’s help can get you the best deals available, speeding up the shopping process.

However, price isn’t everything, since the idea is to get the most value for your money. That is why Copilot is designed to allow you to compare products right in your sidebar. Also, if you’re comparing many products simultaneously, you can ask Copilot to create a table to help you compare your products’ stats more efficiently.

How to Use Copilot to Compare Key Review Points

Copilot Review Summary Example

Reading reviews from those with hands-on experience using a particular product is a core part of the shopping process. However, reading five different reviews for five different gaming mice can be overwhelming, which is where Copilot comes in handy again. Copilot can turn long reviews into summaries just a few sentences long, similar to Amazon’s AI review summaries.

It’s simple to compare review information using Copilot. Start looking for a particular item, launch Copilot in the Edge sidebar, and ask it to create a summary of what people think of the product. Unlike using Copilot to find specific deals, where you look at a product’s theoretical stats, using Copliot for review summaries will provide you with a more realistic image of what the product is like based on the opinions of real customers.

While technically powered by the same engine that powers Copilot for Edge, Copilot for Microsoft Shopping is treated as a separate tool, features a different UI, and is integrated directly into the Microsoft Store. Designed as a personal shopper, it aims to help you find the perfect gifts quickly.

However, that sounds exactly like something that Copilot for Edge can do, but there is a difference. Copilot for Edge will give you gift ideas and links to the host websites, while Copilot for Microsoft Shopping will show you the products directly.

Copilot in Microsoft Shopping Results

You can even use generic prompts, such as “best gift ideas for my wife,” but it won’t deliver generic gift responses. Instead, Copilot asks more questions, each more specific than the last, narrowing down your possible gift choices.

The best part of Copilot in Microsoft Shopping is that you don’t need to use Microsoft Edge; you can use it from the Microsoft Store, too. However, with that said, the best user experience is found in the Microsoft Edge browser.

3 Ways to Use Copilot to Make Your Holiday Season Easier

Searching for holiday deals and comparing reviews will make your shopping easier, but Copliot has a few other ways to make your holiday period run smoothly.

1. Use Copilot to Come Up With Great Holiday Messages

Copilot-Generated Witty Holiday Messages for Dad

Personalized gift messages are the best since they let the person know how much you care about them. But not everyone has a way with words, and if you’re planning on writing heartfelt DIY holiday cards, Copilot can assist with crafting warm and personalized messages.

Of course, Copilot’s creativity doesn’t just extend to greeting cards. Just ask Copilot to write a holiday message, explain what your relationship with the receiver is (friend, family, coworker), mention how you want to relay the message (on a card, mug, on a customized piece of clothing, etc.), and mention what tone you’d like for the message (funny, romantic, festive, etc.).

2. Finish Shopping With Some Great Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Copilot Best Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Once you’ve researched what gift to buy and the best deal possible, you only need to gift it. However, presentation is everything, and Copilot can further assist you with gift-wrapping ideas.

Like the best gift articles mentioned, the internet has articles and guides featuring DIY gift-wrapping ideas and bow designs. However, ask Copilot what you’re looking for (and don’t be afraid to go into specifics, such as the style, difficulty level, or theme you’re trying to evoke), and it’ll deliver detailed steps for the perfect gift wrap.

3. Use Copilot As Your Holiday-Themed Cookbook

Copilot Holiday Roast Beef Recipe

Holiday shopping is not just about buying toys, clothes, accessories, and gadgets; it’s also about buying treats and foods to turn into lavish meals later. Well, Copilot can lend you a helping hand there as well.

On the one hand, you can ask for holiday recipe ideas, showing you some of the most popular recipes available online. On the other hand, maybe you already have a few recipes in mind, but you want to shop for some missing ingredients. In any case, Copilot is here to help.

Microsoft’s Copilot is a must-have tool for holiday shoppers, offering a mix of efficiency, personalization, and convenience. Its advanced edge AI capabilities help simplify shopping and guarantee that finding the perfect gifts for loved ones is more enjoyable than time-consuming, and who doesn’t want some extra help during the holiday period?

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