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Why a Drag Bag is Essential for a Paralyzed Dog

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It is vitally important for a paralyzed dog or cat to be able to get the exercise they need and to maintain their independence as much as possible. A wheelchair is crucial for your best friend to get outside, enjoy their daily walk, and play. But what does your pet use indoors or when your dog is not using their wheelchair? The drag bag is the perfect indoor mobility solution for paralyzed pets. 

What is a Drag Bag?

The drag bag aids paralyzed pets in two ways: to protect them and to help them easily get around their home. When a paralyzed dog isn’t using their wheelchair, they spend a lot of time lying on the ground. Their only way to move is to scoot and drag themselves across the floor. Wearing a drag bag helps to protect your dog’s chest, legs, and paws from abrasions that can occur when your paralyzed dog pulls itself across the room.

When wearing the drag bag, your paralyzed dog or cat can scoot around with their front legs and drag their hind legs behind them without getting hurt. 

Benefits of a Drag Bag: 

  • Prevent rug burns and other injuries caused by dragging
  • Creates a barrier between your dog’s sensitive skin and the floor to protect your pet’s limbs from scrapes and rug burn caused by scooting across the floor
  • Drag bag slides easily across the floor, encouraging your paralyzed pet to stay active inside the home
  • Water resistant material is easy to clean and can be worn with a diaper for incontinent pets
  • Dog can lay down and rest when needed
  • Machine washable and air dries quickly
  • Easy to use, simply place your pet’s legs inside the protective drag bag, zip up the side, and attach comfortably around the neck. 
  • Features a mesh panel for ventilation and keep pet cool

How to Use the Drag Bag

Getting your paralyzed dog or cat ready for action and into their Drag Bag is easy. Unzip the drag bag, with the breathable mesh side facing up, and place your dog inside. Then, close the zipper and tabs and adjust the fuzzy fastener connecting strip for a comfortable and snug fit. It will keep your pet dry and comfortable and can also be used with a diaper if necessary.

Drag Bag or Dog Wheelchair – Which is Best for My Paralyzed Dog?

The short answer is that a paralyzed dog needs both a drag bag and a dog wheelchair. Each mobility solution offers its own unique advantages and uses. 

Best for Indoor Use – The Drag Bag

drag bag for paralyzed dog

It’s important to allow your paralyzed dog to stay active indoors. Smaller dog breeds can use their wheelchairs inside easily, but a larger dog may struggle around tight corners and bump into walls when in their cart. The drag bag lets your dog scoot around the house without hurting themselves. It also gives your dog the ability to lay down and rest whenever they need to.

It’s common for a paralyzed dog to also be incontinent. Unable to control their bladders, urine leaks and accidents happen. The drag bag is constructed out of water resistant material that will help minimize the mess and is roomy enough for your dog to wear a diaper or male wrap as added protection.

Best for Outdoor Use – Dog Wheelchair

A mobility cart is perfect for using outside. Your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair is durable and built to help your dog navigate the terrain. The support of a dog wheelchair makes it easy for paralyzed dogs to enjoy their daily walk and run free. Your dog’s wheelchair can take your dog just about anywhere! Wheelchair dogs can run on the beach, hike mountains, and explore with the same freedom as any other dog.

Recommended for a Dog with Hind Limb Paralysis – Both

In many cases a paralyzed dog will benefit from using a wheelchair and a drag bag. The wheelchair is best for outside, whereas the drag bag can be worn when your dog isn’t using their wheelchair. Many paralyzed dogs will use both mobility solutions depending on where they are and what activity they’re doing. Remember, a paralyzed dog should never be in their wheelchair all day. A drag bag is the perfect solution to keep your dog active (and comfortable) when they’re not using their cart.

Recommended for a Dog with Weak Hind Legs – Dog Wheelchair 

Drag Bag for paralyzed dog

Dogs with hind leg weakness and still maintain mobility in their legs need to be able to move them. In their dog wheelchair, a dog can still walk on all four legs and get the exercise they need.

While using the wheelchair your dog can pee or poop naturally (and cleanly) while in their wheels. If your dog needs to be able to go outside and do their business, a canine mobility cart is the best choice for your pet. 

Best for Rehabilitation – Dog Wheelchair

Canine rehabilitation plays a major part in the life and health of handicapped dogs. Whether recovering from an injury or trying to maintain (or build) their strength and muscle tone, a dog in rehab needs to be able to stand and exercise. The dog wheelchair is an incredibly important tool on your dog’s rehabilitation.

In addition to providing them much needed support, the dog wheelchair makes it easier for your dog to get through their rehab exercises and can help your dog to stay active for longer periods of time.

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