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Online Course on Drafting of a Legal Notice

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Lawctopus Law School is inviting enrollments for its online self-paced certificate course on ‘Drafting a Legal Notice’.

About this Course

Human conflicts are inevitable, and there may be many occasions when a person may contemplate taking legal action against another person/entity because of such conflicts. This is where a legal notice comes into the picture.

A legal notice in our country marks the start of legal proceedings. It is a formal written communication between parties that consists of the facts, cause of action, and legal reasoning for making any claim.

A legal notice is how the sender notifies the recipient about his/her/their intention of undertaking legal proceedings against the latter.

With this course?

Lawctopus Law School aims to equip law students and practising lawyers with the necessary insight and a better understanding of the process of drafting a quality legal notice.

This is a key task lawyers do. And we want to teach you the practical nitty-gritty of doing this!

About Lawctopus Law School

Conceptualized and kick-started in May 2019, and formally launched in March 2020, Lawctopus Law School has taught a wide range of practical skills to over 9000+ law students, young lawyers, professionals, academicians, and business people in the last 18 months.

Over 2000 students have rated our courses and the average rating is 92.6/100 call our online courses a ‘warm’ learning experience!

At LLS, our courses are developed by subject matter experts (practitioners and academicians) and these courses are a mix of rigorously researched reading modules, recorded lectures by industry experts, weekly live sessions by experts, assignments (with personalized feedback), special, add-on career webinars, and the now famous ‘warmth and care’ of LLS.

In fact, our courses on Legal Research and Writing, Contract Drafting and Negotiation, Litigation Basics, IPR (with separate modules too for Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents), Applying for LLM Abroad, Legal Notice Drafting, Contract Life Cycle Management, Mooting, and test prep mocks have transformed how people look at legal education and online legal education.

How will the Course help you?

  • Understand what a legal notice is, its type, and its relevance.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the laws that govern legal notices.
  • Become well-versed in the art of drafting any type of legal notice.
  • Know about replying to legal notices.

Register for this online course on ‘Drafting a Legal Notice’ by clicking here.

Structure of this Course

We intend to give you all the necessary information regarding legal notices, the laws governing them as well as the manner of drafting and replying to them.

The course contains 5 modules.

Module 1: What is a Legal Notice?

  • Get introduced to the course.
  • Learn about what a legal notice is and its relevance in our legal system.

Module 2: Types of Legal Notices

  • You will be acquainted with the types of legal notices that exist.
  • Gain an insight into the laws that govern legal notices.

Module 3: Service & Modes of Service of a Legal Notice

  • Understand what is considered as service in case of a legal notice along with the recognized modes of service.
  • Delve deeper into the modes of service of a legal notice.
  • Learn about the limitation period for filing a suit vis-a-vis a legal notice.

Module 4: Drafting a Legal Notice

  • Learn about the key elements of a legal notice.
  • Delve deeper into the process of drafting a quality notice.
  • Understand how your legal notice should look through samples prepared by industry experts.

Module 5: Replying to a Legal Notice

  • Learn how to reply to a legal notice with a sample.

COMPULSORY ASSIGNMENT: A practical, subjective test to assess your notice drafting Skills. Submitting this assignment is mandatory to receive certificates!

Assignment and Certification:

  • You will be given a problem and will be required to draft and submit a Legal Notice based on it.
  • Once you submit the assignment, you will receive your grades and personalised feedback (on the assignment) within 7 days of submission.
  • You will receive a merit certificate if you get an orange grade (excellent!) and a completion certificate if you get a green (very good) or yellow (fairly good) grade.
  • If you receive a red grade (redo), then you will be given one more chance to improve your grade.


Duration: 4 weeks (But you will have course access for a total of 3 months)

Course fee: Rs. 2600 (inclusive of GST)

Register for this online course on ‘Drafting a Legal Notice’ by clicking here.

Course Duration and Access

You’ll have access to this course for 12 months from the date of registration.

And while you can complete this course at your own pace, we recommend that you completed this course within 4 weeks.

Giving ourselves a fixed timeframe to complete things increases the chances of getting things done.

Faculty & Course Developers

Gajendra Khichi is an NLU Jodhpur alumnus and legal practitioner having expertise of 7 years, before the Supreme Court of India, the High Courts of Delhi & Rajasthan, as well as various District Courts and Tribunals in Delhi.

He is a skilled counsel who has experience in intellectual property law, arbitration, data protection, commercial dispute resolution, regulatory compliance, insolvency, real estate, media & entertainment, and competition laws.

He currently works as an independent lawyer and has his own litigating practice.

Suvarna Dubey completed her BA LLB in 2019 from Amity Law School, Delhi (GGPSIU) and has previously practised under an Advocate-on-Record (AOR) in the Supreme Court of India.

She has been involved as an editor with a networking platform for female lawyers called Her Forum since 2020. She has also been a Learning Manager with Lawctopus.

Tushar Giri graduated from Symbiosis Law School, Pune with BBA LLB in 2018. He is currently a practising advocate at the High Court of Delhi as well as the Supreme Court.

He is also a founding partner of ‘Kalp Law’, a dispute resolution law firm based in Delhi which has associate offices in Bangalore, Chandigarh and Shimla.

His practice area encompasses all kinds of litigation matters but majorly he deals with cases relating to Constitutional and Administrative Law, Environment Law, and Criminal Law.

Register for this online course on ‘Drafting a Legal Notice’ by clicking here.


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