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Lego Fortnite: Where To Get Copper

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You’ve been playing Lego Fortnite for a while, and you’ve upgraded your crafting bench to rare quality and have unlocked all sorts of new blueprints to build. There’s just one problem: most of these blueprints require new materials you don’t have yet, like copper. But, fortunately for you, we’re about to tell you where to find that, how to harvest it, and what to do with it once you have it.

Where to find copper in Lego Fortnite

You’ll likely have to venture pretty far from your home village to get copper, because it’s only found in lava caves, and lava caves are found in the desert biome. If you’re looking for copper you’ve probably already spent some time there, but if you haven’t, you should expect it to be the opposite direction from the snowy areas, as that seems to be where the desert biome spawns.

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!

As with all other caves, the entrance can be found on a large mound of rocks that’s too big to mine. Go inside, and you’ll see copper deposits all over the place. But you’ll need two things: some form of heat resistance, because it’s excessively hot in there, and a rare (blue) pickaxe because anything less won’t be able to mine the copper.

Heat resistance is easy. By drinking a snowberry shake, you’ll gain ten minutes of heat resistance, and they’re very easy to make: Mix snowberries and milk in your juicer.

How to get a rare pickaxe in Lego Fortnite

To harvest copper you’ll need a rare (blue) pickaxe, which you can craft at a crafting bench with three sand claws from desert beasts, and three flexwood rods, made from the flexwood that comes from cactus plants in the desert regions. Once you have a rare pickaxe, breaking copper deposits will yield copper ore, which isn’t exceptionally useful on its own. But you can use a metal smelter to melt the ore into copper bars which have far more uses.

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