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Lego Fortnite: How To Get Roller Shells

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Lego Fortnite is a survival-crafting game that is also an off-shoot of the massive free-to-play battle royale. In order to build better tools and buildings, you will need to track down a large variety of crafting materials, including the elusive Shells, which are required for the first Crafting Table upgrade. Lego Fortnite has a nice little tutorial, but it doesn’t tell you where to find Shells. Here’s where you can find Shells, along with the other variants of it.

Where to find Roller Shells

Defeating Rollers will cause them to drop Shells.

Shells are a material dropped by defeating a monster found in the open world, Rollers. Rollers are small, round rock enemies that can be found during both the day and night. These enemies hide in the ground until you approach them, but there are a few ways to spot them. First, they have a pink flower on top of their heads that sticks out of the ground. Second, these enemies are made of Lego bricks and normal rocks are not, so you can tell by the different texture.

The Rollers pack a decent punch and have a bunch of health, so you need to be properly prepared. You will want to bring a sword, which you can craft the basic version of at the Crafting Table using five Wooden Rods, which can be made using wood at the Lumber Mill. You should also bring some food, as each hit from the Roller deals one-and-a-half hearts. Defeating the Roller will drop somewhere between one and three Shells, of which you need five to upgrade the Crafting Table.

There are other variants of the Roller, specifically a Sand Roller and Frost Roller. These are basically the same enemy, but found in the desert and snow regions respectively. They drop the Sand and Frost Shells, which are used in later upgrades down the road. These variants can still be found the same way as the basic Roller.

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