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Internship Experience at One Stop Centre, Lucknow

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Name of the Student


Name and Address of the Organization

One Stop Centre, Lucknow

Duration of Internship

4 weeks

How did you Apply?

By sending an email to the official email address of the organization

First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

The infrastructure was great. It had a definite way of working system. I was told about the working of a one-stop center in Lucknow by the Center Manager of the center. I was also informed about the different working units of the center. The first day I was accompanied by the case worker and went to rescue a woman who was the victim of domestic violence.

Main Tasks

Observe the case worker unit and assist them in their work. I was given the task of conducting the mediation of a case related to Section 13(B) under The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. I was given the task to prepare case studies related to domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment in the workplace, etc.

Work Environment

It had a friendly work environment. People were really helpful in nature and were welcoming. The work environment was also clean and hygienic which added more positivity to the workplace. All my mentors helped me a lot in this learning process. In conclusion, it had a very positive environment.

Good things

People were very cooperative and of friendly attitude. Everyone used to have lunch together no matter how busy everybody used to be. It promoted unity and a sense of belongingness among all. I learned new concepts during my internship. Every Friday an group discussion round would take place which encouraged people to speak their minds.

Bad things

To be honest, there was nothing that I found to be bad. I received so much love, positivity, etc. all the employees were of great help and each and every person taught me some or the other thing. I am really thankful that I got such an amazing opportunity to work with the organization.

Accommodation & Conveyance to Office

It was not provided with accommodation and conveyance. I was not provided with the same as it was the government organization and only some of the employees were provided with it. As I live in Lucknow only I lived at my house during my internship and I used to go to the office by my own vehicle.


I was not provided with a stipend.

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