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The Must-Have Breakup Apps For Your Phone

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There are few who have not been through a broken heart. Some people seem to breeze through a breakup without any of the attendant pain, but not everyone can cope on their own. Many of us need help. So, let us have a look at some of the best breakup apps that can help you mend your broken heart and get through a breakup with structured hope and support (and no, do NOT call them sad apps).

These apps for breakups come in many forms, dealing with the different aspects of your separation. Some apps help you deal with the pain of heartbreak by sharing it with others on a social platform. Other breakup apps provide tools such as AI, daily pep talks, and counseling to help you cope the healthy way and mend your scars. There are even breakup apps that will help you get rid of your ex’s gifts and possessions.

7 Of The Best Breakup Apps To Rebuild Your Life After A Breakup

The heart is not the same as an empty feeling after a breakup hits hard. This is why we bring to you seven of the best breakup apps in terms of popularity. They are not just for iPhone users; many breakup apps are for Android users too. Give yourself a break and try one of them if you are hurting. You may be surprised at how much they can help even when your breakup is all you can think about. 

Name of the app Category Price Pros Cons
Breakup Boss Self-help $6–$7 Designed by mental health professionals No free trial
Mend Therapeutic $275 Audio training Expensive
Breakup Buddy Self-help $12–$18 Free trial available Expensive; AI generated
Never Liked It Anyway Commerce Free Easy to operate 6% commission goes to the app 
Halmos Social media Free Connect with others with similar experiences No details of privacy policy
No Contact Rule Scheduling Free Daily reminders Easy to ignore
Our Family Wizard Co-parenting $11.5 Scheduling made easy Expensive
Comparison Chart of Breakup Apps

1. Break-up Boss

Break-up Boss (or Breakup Boss) is a great breakup app and the handiwork of relationship writer Zoe Foster Blake. It is an app designed as an interactive self-help book with advice and affirmations that help you take control of your breakup journey. 

Break-up Boss


  • Breakup Boss is like a self-help book that pushes you to go out and socialize
  • It helps you vent your anger and feelings of heartbreak
  • It’s a breakup app that focuses on self-care and helps you get your life together after a breakup overcoming the negative effects of it
  • It is a form of therapy and one of the best apps to get for your mental health 
  • The app doesn’t come free, nor is there a free trial period
  • It’s available for Android and iOS. In fact, it’s one of the few breakup apps for Android (on this list)
  • The app consists of lectures, illustrations, therapeutic tools and techniques
  • Cost: $6 to $7

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2. Mend

As breakup apps go, Mend is a subscription service that gives you access to therapy sessions that come in the form of courses. The signature program of this app consists of 390+ audio trainings and journal prompts to help you mend after a breakup, which you can complete at your own pace.



  • Questions in each section help you learn to introspect
  • You’ll learn to look at your relationship and breakup with a fresh perspective, enabling you to heal 
  • It uses tools from various fields, including psychology, mindfulness, coaching, and nutrition
  • It can be considered a meditation app as well
  • Mend contains e-books and other resources that help you begin the healing process after a breakup
  • It helps you emerge a stronger person, looking forward to a much happier future
  • Mend is one of the many breakup apps for iPhone users but is yet to be available for Android users
  • It uses tools such as audio training, podcasts, and meditation
  • Cost: $275

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3. Breakup Buddy

This broken heart app features an AI healing companion that can become your best friend on your journey to mend your sadness and fears. Breakup Buddy can guide you after the breakup, track your healing progress, and create a safe space for you to vent and learn more about yourself. The designers have created this app so you can deal with the heartbreak and pain of a breakup in a reliable space.

Breakup Buddy
Breakup Buddy


  • Breakup Buddy uses AI technology, with inputs from wellness experts, to create a support system for broken hearts
  • Access is available 24/7
  • It provides several self-care and self-love tools for your mental health, including smart journaling and healing tracking
  • It consists of 20+ exercises to help you begin your healing 
  • It speeds up the recovery process while you’re going through a breakup rollercoaster 
  • One of the many breakup apps for iPhone users which is not yet available for Android users
  • While not a free app, there is a free trial period available
  • Cost: Free trial available; $12 to $18 per month
Dating Apps

4. Never Liked It Anyway 

Never Liked It Anyway is a broken heart app with a difference. It helps you get through the pain of a breakup and heartbreak the cathartic way by getting rid of everything that reminds you of your ex. These are permanent reminders of your ex and can be a painful reminder of your relationship as well. Think of it as an eBay-cum-breakup app that will assuage your emotional turmoil by erasing the memories after a breakup. 

Never Liked It Anyway
Never Liked It Anyway


  • Undergo catharsis by selling your ex’s stuff 
  • Vent your feelings and emotions and get all the aggro out
  • Sell, buy, or gift online
  • A commission of 6% is charged on every sale, which is deducted only after the sale
  • Featured listings increase visibility and are charged an extra $5
  • 10% of their profits are donated to the American Heart Association
  • It allows you to tell the story behind every item
  • Web-based platform
  • Cost: It’s a breakup app free of registration charges

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5. Halmos

Halmos is a social media platform that brings together the heartbroken. Unlike Facebook or other social media apps on which people post virtually anything, Halmos is dedicated to people experiencing breakups, allowing them to share their emotions and feelings with others who have been through similar experiences. If you are trying to find happiness after a breakup, this is a great resource.



  • Helps you to bury the memories of your past relationship by creating a ‘virtual tomb’ for them in the app 
  • These become the “metaphorical garden for rebirth”
  • Express yourself safely within the app and vent to your heart’s content 
  • Send a fake text to your ex instead of actually sending a text to your ex
  • Regulate which of your friends can read your posts
  • Connect to other members of your social network via the app 
  • Get the empathetic support you need to begin the healing process and become a better and stronger person
  • Available for iOS users
  • No details provided by the developer of its privacy policies
  • Cost: It’s one of the few breakup apps free to use

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6. No Contact Rule

Ever notice how contacting your ex can lead to a blow-up that just further messes things up? Then maybe No Contact Rule is the app for you. Another one of the breakup apps for iPhone, it is ideal for you if you follow the philosophy that the best way forward is to take a long break from your ex or go no-contact after the breakup. The app reminds you of why it’s important not to contact the ex in any way, either personally or by phone. 

No Contact Rule
No Contact Rule


  • Manages your schedule for a 30-day period
  • Helps you fill your calendar with activities such as studying, exercising, and spending time with friends
  • The no-contact rule helps in keeping yourself busy after your breakup while completely cutting off from your ex 
  • Get daily reminders of your no-contact rule for a 30-day period
  • Memo function lets you keep tabs on how well you’ve done
  • The In-app chat board allows you to share your experiences 
  • Available only for iOS
  • Cost: Free

7. OurFamilyWizard

This co-parenting app allows you to keep in touch with your ex for a purely practical reason — The kids. OurFamilyWizard makes it easier to share schedules, track and share expenses, and even access documents and contacts to make managing your kids’ lives that much easier. Currently, courts, therapists, and attorneys require parents to use these apps to maintain the co-parenting rules and boundaries. The convenience these apps offer, while helping to minimize face-to-face or other personal contact, has made these apps popular with many folks who are either divorced or going through a divorce or breakup. 



  • It allows you to create an account and connect to other accounts by inviting your ex 
  • You can sync calendars, exchange messages and documents, and request expense reimbursements
  • You can maintain a journal 
  • Connect to your bank account via the app for seamless financial transactions
  • It allows messaging and audio and video calling
  • It keeps a clear record of all communication
  • Info-bank helps to keep shared documents
  • A ‘tone meter’ keeps track of red flags like abusive language
  • Cost: Plans start from $11.50

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Bonus: Blindlee

Ready to move on after your breakup? Try something from the ‘dating apps after breakup’ category. Blindlee is a dating app after breakup based on the principle that “love is blind.”It allows you to actually talk to another person, pushing you back into the game to start dating after a breakup. 



  • Get matched with potential partners as per your criteria
  • Make a 3-minute long blurry video call
  • The woman controls the blur effect
  • Get suggested topics of conversation
  • If both of you enjoy the call, you can proceed to the next stage and even meet up 
  • It may even be the start of a new relationship
  • Available for iOS
  • Cost: Free 

Key Pointers

  • A large variety of apps can hold your hand through a breakup
  • Some contain therapeutic tools that help you heal psychologically, like maintaining a journal, getting prompts, affirmations, etc.
  • Others help you connect with people who have been through what you are going through, helping you share your burden and thereby reduce it
  • There are also co-parenting apps that make coordinating the kids’ activities with your ex a smoother proposition

In some ways, all these dating apps help you deal with the discomfort and pain brought on by a breakup. If you need help after your breakup and prefer the technological approach, then choose an app from above. Be careful with your choice as some of these can be expensive and may not suit you. Be sure to read the privacy policies before making your choice.

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