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The Best White PC Cases in 2023

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Black cases look great, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s time to break the mold with an icy white case. It looks exceptional when you throw in some RGB (but not too much) and pick a case that unashamedly shows off your expensive GPU. We gathered the best white PC cases that’ll fit any build, whether you have a tiny mini-ITX or a massive E-ATX.

Best White PC Case Overall: HYTE Y60


When it comes to functionality, design, and aesthetics, it’s hard to top what the HYTE Y60 is selling. It’s been expertly designed to show off the most important aspects of your PC build, capped with a lovely white finish.

The HYTE Y60’s three-piece panoramic glass not only looks fantastic, but it’s also like having your very own mini-exhibit. Components such as your GPU, CPU, RGB, fans, and AIO are placed front and center, while your PSU, cables, motherboard, and additional storage are cleverly hidden by the antechamber at the back.

With the HYTE Y60, you’re welcome to go with the traditional horizontal GPU, but with the included PCIe 4.0 riser and vertical GPU mount, you can have it standing tall and proud—including half-height PCIe cards. Just be sure to dive into the best RGB fans, as you’ll need proper cooling for this case.

hyte y60 with a three panel panoramic view


Best Overall

Thanks to a three-pane panoramic view, the HYTE Y60 gives you the opportunity to show off your hard-earned components in a tasteful (and functional) way. Combining the striking white finish and superb cable management, it’s an incredibly clean look that’ll attract plenty of “ohs’ and “ahs.”


  • Like having your own tech exhibit
  • Includes a vertical GPU mount and PCIe 4.0 riser cable
  • Gorgeous design and cable management

  • Can get a tad warm without proper cooling

cooler master nr200 white pc case side by side
Cooler Master

If you’re someone who loves a budget PC build that’s compact, the Cooler Master NR200 is a sleeping giant. It drops the gaudiness of tempered glass and puts performance and functionality front and center.

Despite being a more compact white case, the Cooler Master NR200 does some serious heavy lifting. You can fit full-sized GPUs up to 330mm in length and 156mm in width, along with the option to slot in a vertical mount (which comes bundled with the NR200P model, along with a riser.) And yet, it still has room for radiators up to 280mm on the side and 240mm along the bottom.

With all that hardware in a compact space, it sounds like it’ll be a pain to reach everything. To the contrary. every panel—top, bottom, and sides—can be popped off with minimal effort thanks to its toolless design.

cooler master nr200 white pc case

Cooler Master NR200

Best Budget

$85 $110 Save

The Cooler Master NR200 is a white, compact PC case roomy enough to handle both large GPUs and radiators at the same time. Best of all, its toolless design allows you to quickly reach essential components without tearing the PC apart.


  • Great airflow for a compact case
  • Supports full-sized GPUs
  • 360-degree accessibility

  • Requires an SFX power supply

thermaltake core p6 white pc case on desk

Building your very own PC is like a rite of passage; the parts you use were chosen by you. And there’s no better way to enhance that experience than with a customizable white PC case like the Thermaltake Core P6.

The Thermaltake Core P6 accomplishes this by being modular in design. You’re given a set of panels, racks, brackets, and mounting arrays to build the white PC case as you see fit. You can even choose to have your GPU vertical or horizontal, thanks to the added riser GPU support.

Most importantly, the Thermaltake Core P6 isn’t short on airflow. You can stick strictly to air cooling with support for 120mm and 140mm fans or go liquid thanks to its support for 280mm and 360 radiators. Our guide on the best AIO coolers can help you there.

thermaltake core p6 white desktop pc case

Thermaltake Core P6

Most Customizable

$186 $200 Save

The Thermaltake Core P6 takes customization to the next level with its modular design. It’s essentially two PCs in one, with the added benefit of stellar airflow and oodles of support for large fans and radiators.


  • Modular design and wall mountable
  • Stellar airflow
  • Supports ATX, micro ATX, mini ITX, and SSI CEB

  • Customization comes at a price

corsair crystal 280x white pc case

For those of you opting for a smaller, but not compact, build, the Corsair Crystal 280X falls perfectly in the Goldilocks zone. It doesn’t have a bunch of negative space, nor is it so small that it’ll impede performance or choke airflow.

The magic of the Corsair Crystal 280X is in its dual-chamber design. Your core components are laid bare for all to see. The rest is housed within a secondary chamber, which itself has handy features like two separate drive cages, loads of space for cables, and a mount for your PSU. With three tempered glass panels, it’s begging you to go the extra mile with colorful hardware, right down to RGB RAM.

The Corsair Crystal 280X handles airflow exceptionally well, provided you take advantage of the available space. You can have a whopping six 120mm cooling fans or three large 240mm radiators or even mix and match the two.

corsair crystal 280x white pc case from front

Corsair Crystal 280X

Best Layout

The Corsair Crystal 280X presents a unique answer to cable management with the inclusion of a second chamber. It’s a little wider but still small and roomy, giving you ample space for fans, radiators, and powerful GPUs.


  • Interesting dual-chamber design
  • Airflow is good, as long as you fit it with proper cooling
  • Perfect balance between size and available space

  • All that tempered glass might get smudged
  • Mounting the side panel is a pain

fractal design torrent white pc case
Fractal Design

There’s something beautiful about a case that lets you go ham with your PC build, especially if you’re opting for high-end hardware. To match all the extra heat that’ll inevitably generate, the Fractal Design Torrent is a master class in cooling.

The Fractal Design Torrent is a much larger white PC case compared to others on our list, and for good reason. It features top-tier cooling just from its stock fans alone, utilizing two 180mm fans at the front, which you rarely see these days. Better yet, you can opt for extra thick AIOs with radiators as large as 420mm on the front or bottom (but not both). Either way, a great deal of air is being led straight through to the back of the case.

To wrap a bow on the Fractal Design Torrent, you’ll be glad to know it doesn’t skimp out on cable management. It’s a little tight along the side, but Fractal Design includes routing clips with cable straps. You’ll also find four 2.5-inch drives and two 3.5-inch drives, too.

fractal design torrent white mid tower computer case

Fractal Design Torrent

Best E-ATX

The Fractal Design Torrent is not only a work of tasteful art but features superb cooling designed to keep your very expensive high-end hardware cool. The five included fans are a great start, but you can branch out to large 420mm radiators, too.


  • Supports E-ATX, as well as SSI-EEB and SSI-CEB
  • Phenomenal airflow
  • Tasteful design

  • Fans get loud at higher speeds


Q: How do I clean and maintain my white PC case?

Whether your case is white, black, or multicolored, cleaning a white PC case isn’t any different from the norm. You get yourself a microfiber cloth for the outside and an electric duster (or compressed air) to blow away any dust from the inside. The components will require a much finer touch, such as a soft toothbrush. If it’s your first time, we have a super helpful guide on how to clean your desktop PC.

Q: Will a white PC case turn yellow over time?

It varies depending on the material of the white case, as well as the quality. If the white finish is painted over metal, you can rest assured it’ll never turn yellow; however, if it’s plastic, it is possible. Heat is the death of a white PC case, so keep it away from the sun and smoke and maintain a cool room temperature.

Q: Is it easier to see dust on a white PC case?

With dust being dark, yes, it is easier to see the dust on a white PC case due to the contrast, especially as it starts to accumulate, but not by much compared to a black case. However, what you’ll notice most on a white case is not the dust but all the dings and scrapes it’ll collect over time.

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