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Tesla Stainless Steel Pickup Is No Experiment, Love It or Hate It, It’s a Conversation Starter’: Cybertruck Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen

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New Delhi, December 22: Tesla Cybertruck has emerged as a symbol of electric innovation, beating the traditional boundaries of automotive design with its stainless steel body. This futuristic vehicle, which has been a topic of intense discussion since its unveiling, is proving to be more than just a bold concept. With its stainless steel construction and performance credentials, the Cybertruck is ready to attract new consumers to the electric truck segment.

As per a report of Deccan Herald, Franz von Holzhausen, made it clear that the Cybertruck was no mere experiment. Speaking at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, where Cybertruck models were being added to a Tesla exhibit, von Holzhausen emphasized the vehicle’s role in enhancing Tesla’s brand image. The Cybertruck news spread quickly, with its angular and divisive design becoming a conversation starter and drawing attention to Tesla’s innovative spirit. Honda Recalls Over 4.5 Million Vehicles Worldwide Over Defect in Fuel Pump, Dealers To Replace Pump Module: Reports.

Despite delays and a price increase to $60,990, over 50% higher than initially announced by CEO Elon Musk. The Cybertruck has attracted interest and is notable in some Tesla showrooms, where potential buyers are reportedly queuing up to get a glimpse of the new EV, von Holzhausen said. “We’re bringing people into the market that never would have owned a truck before,” von Holzhausen said. “And so I don’t think it’s an experiment.”

Despite its unorthodox appearance, the Cybertruck Tesla is designed to compete with the performance of traditional pickup trucks. Von Holzhausen’s confidence in the vehicle is evident, as he stated, “Just because it looks different doesn’t mean that it can’t be potentially a high volume vehicle.” Volkswagen Group Announces To Adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard: Report.

The Cybertruck’s rollout has not been without its challenges. In a memorable incident during its 2019 launch event, von Holzhausen shattered two of the truck’s fortified glass windows with a metal ball. However, subsequent demonstrations have shown improvements, including an event where a baseball was thrown at the windows without causing any damage.

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