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Internship Experience @ TBA Legal, Jaipur

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Udit Agrawal

Name of the College

Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Year of Study

2nd Year

Name of the Organisation

TBA Legal, O.N. 417, 4th Floor, Sunny Paradise, Tonk Road, Near Kamal and Company, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302018

Duration of Internship

November 01, 2023 – December 30, 2023

How did you Apply?

I came to know about Tarun Agarwal (Managing Partner, TBA Legal) when he visited our University to take sessions on ‘Practical Aspects of Mergers & Acquisition’ and ‘How to Build a Successful Legal Career’.

Thereafter, I applied for an internship at his office by sending an email to [email protected] with a carbon copy to Bhaskar Agarwal (Managing Partner, TBA Legal) at [email protected] and my internship was confirmed in a month pursuant to a successful telephonic interview.

First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, and First Impression

It was a physical internship. I was instructed to report at 10:00 AM at the office premises. I was initially tasked with downloading and printing the judgments from SCCOnline. During my court appearances, I was required to wear court formal attire, which included a white shirt, black trousers, and a black tie. On days when I didn’t have to go to court, I could wear business formal clothes.

Also, I was taken to District and Sessions Courts. On the first day, Managing Partners (Mr. Tarun Agarwal and Mr. Bhaskar Agarwal) conducted a brief interview with me, which honestly, did not even feel like an interview. It was more of a friendly discussion regarding my prior internship experiences and my expectations from the current internship. Further, I was explained all the rules pertaining to the Internship. I was also asked to submit my curriculum vitae along with a passport size photograph.

Main Tasks

I was primarily tasked with litigation work, which included miscellaneous matters spread across a variety of areas of law. The tasks or work that I did or experienced included, but were not limited to, case law research, drafting, preparing fact sheets of judgments, and filing cases. In addition, I also had the privilege of participating in conferences and Client Meetings.

Particularly speaking, I lacked Litigation Experience before this internship. During my Internship, I worked on matters related to the Negotiable Instruments Act, International Child Custody, Property Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, and Environmental Laws.

During my first year of Law School, my knowledge of the law was merely restricted to its theoretical interpretations; however, in these two months of my internship, I learned how law works in actual life, i.e., its practical application and nuances.

Also, as part of my internship, I was asked to teach the ‘Transfer of Property Act’. The whole team at the firm, including the Managing Partners, would sit in on the presentations and interrogate me about the subject. This academic exercise was useful for learning how to interpret the legislation.

Work Environment

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the entire team of TBA Legal for their invaluable mentorship and insightful lessons imparted throughout the internship period. The environment of the office was extremely upbeat and positive. After this internship, I felt like I have learned a lot. This is not just only about the law but beyond it.

Everyone at the office possessed extensive knowledge and experience, and they genuinely endeavored to assist me in making the most of this opportunity of learning and consistently motivated me to derive maximum benefit from this internship.

Good Things about the Internship

  • This internship provided me with valuable insights into the world of litigation. This will assist me in choosing the right side, whether or not to pursue Litigation in the future.
  • I got exposure to working on various kinds of matters including civil, commercial, criminal, intellectual property, arbitration, amongst others. The matters were spread across various.
  • I learned where I went wrong after having the assignments and projects assigned to me examined and critiqued.
  • Further, I liked that both the Managing Partners used to interact with the interns personally.
  • I was the only intern working in the office during these months, so this was an added advantage of this internship.

Bad Things about the Internship

The only bad feeling I felt was when I was leaving the office upon the conclusion of my internship.

Monthly Stipend

A certificate of ‘Completion of Internship’ and Rs. 5000/- were awarded to me upon the conclusion of my internship based on my performance during the internship. All other miscellaneous expenses associated with official work were refunded to me.

Details about the Accommodation, Commuting to the Office

The office is situated on a prime location which is easily accessible. I used to come by my own vehicle from home. Apart from this, for those who don’t belong to Jaipur, there are a good number of PGs within a 200-meter radius of the office to live in.

Anything Else You Want to Share?

The real world of litigation is more challenging than it seems to be. I also gained experience in the administrative and management sides of work during this Internship. Litigation demands punctuality, hard work, time management, presence of mind, thinking in an extraordinary way. I am grateful for the exposure to a wide range of legal areas.

It allowed me to witness what goes behind the scene of courtroom arguments. I witnessed how lawyers construct arguments and navigate the complexities of different legal scenarios. I’ll use the knowledge that I gained here in my future internships, and it will help me shape my future in the right direction.

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