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Hindus halt auspicious activities during the month of Kharmas: Here’s why

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Kharmas, also known as Malmas in the Hindu religion, begins today. In the Hindu religion, this month is strictly considered inauspicious for starting new ventures or performing auspicious activities. According to Panchang, during this time, the Sun God or Lord Surya changes its position and travels from Scorpio to Sagittarius. As a result, it is suggested to stop various activities, including weddings, engagements, initiating new business ventures, celebrating house entry, building a new house, mundan of a newborn child, Upanayana Sanskar, and purchasing new vehicles should be avoided. Scroll down to learn about the date, time, significance and more about the Kharmas month.

Why do Hindus halt auspicious activities during the month of Kharmas? (Pixabay)

The Kharmas time period begins today, December 16, 2023, at 4:09 pm. The period will end on January 15, 2024. Meanwhile, post the conclusion of Kharmas in January, there will be several auspicious dates wherein Hindus can conduct auspicious activities, like weddings.

Kharmas is an important time for Hindus and continues for a month. During this period, the Sun changes its position. When it travels from Scorpio to Sagittarius, the day is celebrated as Dhanu Sankranti. People should also perform religious activities during this month, like taking a bath in the holy river, visiting temples, and offering water to Lord Surya. Hindus should also pray to Lord Shiva, light a diya in front of him, recite mantras, read holy books like Gita and Ramayana, donate food and clothes to the needy, and serve brahmins, saints and cows. The Kharmas month is also considered auspicious for performing pilgrimage.

Meanwhile, according to Panchang, Kharmas is not innately inauspicious. The caution against this period and commencing new ventures or engaging in auspicious activities stems from the belief that the Sun is weakened during its transition into Sagittarius.

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